How Independent Insurance Agents Quote

As independent insurance agents we have access to both direct writers (i.e. Progressive, Travelers) and insurers that work exclusively through agents (i.e. Cambridge Mutual, Vermont Mutual).  Getting insurance through an agency will give you more options, therefore making each insurance company more competitive for your business.  When someone is seeking insurance each insurance company examines the risk levels and gives a quote based on risk and value assessment.  In order for insurers to move the process along to ensure coverage as quickly as possible the initial assessment and quote given is based on the information given directly by the person seeking insurance.  Once someone agrees to a policy the insurance companies will take a deeper look at value assessments provided by the insured via tax records and any other available public records.  Insurance companies make their final value assessments based on public records. So on occasion you will see an increase or decrease in your coverage which will be reflected in a change in premium due from the original quote.